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Why trade with Derayah?

Derayah offers state-of-the-art systems that bring to you all markets under one roof, while active traders have access to quality margin facility services.

Advanced Trading In Different Markets

  • Provides you access to real time trading in different markets.
  • You don’t need to sign separate agreements or manage multiple accounts. You can simply trade from a single account with the same purchasing power1 as if you were trading on a single market.
  • You can also explore and trade over 1,200 international ETFs, which allow you to trade with exposure to multiple asset classes (including commodities, oil, gold, FX etc.). View Available Markets

1 Subject to credit limits set by Derayah as amended from time to time.

The Most Competitive Fees Without Rival

  • Traders pay the most competitive trading fees/commissions without rival
  • We guarantee that if you get lower fees elsewhere, we will refund the difference to you2 Rates and fees

2 If the client presents genuine written evidence of the better price offer independently from an authorized Saudi entity, Derayah will refund the difference between the fees the client paid and the better fee for the week which precedes the sharing the of document

Margin Facilities

Active traders can obtain margin trading facilities3 to double their purchasing power. To read more about margin facilities, Click Here.

3Subject to applicable terms and conditions and a separate agreement.

Swift State of-the-art Systems

  • Each button and function has been designed to save both time and effort for the active trader.
  • The ability to create your own stocks watch-list for securities that you are interested in.
  • Our trading service is compatible with all browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome) and all devices (such as Apple laptops and iPads).
  • The ability to view the market depth in a better way by viewing the best 20 bid and ask prices and quantities through the Advanced Trading Platform.
  • Fastest live prices platform with an Advanced Trading Platform; you don't need to download any software such as Java. Learn more about Advanced Trading
  • The ability to input buy and sell orders outside market hours.
  • You can also utilize our Trade via Mobile Phone service, a professional trading channel we provide to our customers.

Advanced Account Features

  • Traders can open multiple portfolios under one account and carry out separate transactions on each portfolio without needing multiple user names and passwords.
  • Automatic processing of fund transfers to and from your account on the same day. Compare our services to other service providers
  • Derayah clients can use the "Order Calculator" service (signified by the calculator symbol) to input orders faster without having to manually calculate the maximum quantities that can be purchased.
  • The client will receive a text message on his phone upon executing any transactions in his investment portfolio through the Mobile Notification service.
  • The ability to capture investment opportunities quickly through the “cancel all outstanding orders” and the “sell all” buttons which are available for free for all Derayah’s clients.

Advanced Reporting

  • You can search for historical orders using the specific order’s date or the execution date.
  • Separate account statement which displays security movements, any distributions, dividends, bonus shares, splits, spinoffs, or transfers of shares to your account.
  • Showing the profit and loss of all closed positions.
  • The ability to include accrued profits and losses in the calculation of the average cost per share. No Parallel
  • Your dividends are shown in your account statement with Derayah.

Outstanding Service Guarantee; Or Don’t Pay us!4

  • We guarantee a response to any inquiry within 24 hours.
  • Active traders can directly communicate with our Systems Development team to provide their requirements which may be considered in subsequent versions of Derayah’s platform.
  • If you are not satisfied with our service in any transaction, that transaction’s fee will be refunded to you! Contact us to see the difference.

4 In case of any complaint relating to our service quality or delivery, the client will be entitled for refund of fees and commission paid on the subject transaction. Subject to Derayah terms and conditions.
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