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Real Estate Funds

Real Estate Funds

Among the latest steps taken to expand our investment offering, we have targeted the real estate investment sector by launching real estate funds in order to enable our clients to invest in development projects and acquire leased properties generating suitable income.

What are real estate funds?

A real estate fund is an investment tool with medium to low risk depending on the nature of its real estate business. Despite the limited risk in this area, the return on investment remains attractive given the risk involved in such investment. Therefore the good returns with medium risk is the most important positive points in real estate investment.
In general, there are two types of real estate funds offered by Derayah:

1.Real estate development funds:

These are designed to develop real estate projects in all segments (commercial, residential, office and industrial). Derayah in cooperation with a real estate developer will developing the theme, ensure feasibility, develop designs, obtain licenses, and select contractors.

2.Income-generating funds:

These are designed to acquire existing leased properties that generate suitable income. Derayah team will consider opportunities carefully and ensure authenticity of title deeds and buildings, and the demand and supply drivers. The team will then design the right financial structure of the acquisition, taking into account the maximum rate of return with reasonable degree of risk.

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